The number of companies suspending their operations is growing

The number of companies suspending their operations is growing

More and more entrepreneurs decide to suspend their business activity.

The Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported that at the beginning of 2023, nearly 17,000 companies closed their operations. However, the number of deregistered companies was balanced by entrepreneurs who were just starting their business. There were more of them. At the same time, however, a significant increase in the number of entrepreneurs who decided to suspend their activities was observed. This concerned 22,000 companies. Among them, enterprises operating in the construction and real estate industries prevailed.

The juxtaposition of the above data leads to the conclusion that the number of companies conducting economic activity is decreasing. Experts, looking for the reasons for this state of affairs, pay attention to the current economic situation and the resulting uncertainty. However, they predict that the situation will gradually stabilize and normalize.


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