Dr Smile ends its operations in Poland

Dr Smile ends its operations in Poland

The company offering transparent tooth overlays closed its offices located in Poland.

Dr Smile is a German company with 6 years of experience operating on the dental and orthodontic market in many countries, including: Austria, Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland. Its founders declared that the goal of establishing the company was to spread the availability of transparent tooth-straightening overlays and to provide shorter and affordable treatment. For two years, Polish customers also took advantage of these opportunities. However, two weeks ago, company representatives announced the termination of operations in Poland. They promised that the treatment started for existing patients would be completed. At the same time, they assured that financial problems did not make them make this decision. As proof of this, they pointed out that operations in other countries would still continue.

Source: https://businessinsider.com.pl/wiadomosci/kontrowersyjna-firma-dr-smile-znika-z-polski-zostaja-rozczarowani-klienci/ljf79kd

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