The alcohol business is in doubt

The alcohol business is in doubt

The fate of Manufaktura Piwa, Wódki i Wina and the Tenczynek Dystrybucja brewery are hanging in the balance.

Manufaktura Piwa, Wódki i Wina, founded a few years ago by Janusz Palikot, became the owner of the brewery in Tenczynek in 2018. Both companies have performed well over the years. It seemed that the recipe for success was cooperation with famous faces (including Jakub Wojewódzki) and basing the financing of the activity on the principles of crowdfunding. However, for over half a year, there has been more and more talk about financial problems. It is currently estimated that the debt amounts to over PLN 250 million, and the list of receivables includes over 1,800 entities and people. In August, Manufaktura’s representatives filed an application to initiate accelerated arrangement proceedings. Taking such actions was motivated by concerns about creditors filing bankruptcy petitions and the desire to secure the assets held. Arrangement proposals were also presented for discussion by creditors. They had until the end of last month to express their opinion. The votes they cast are currently being counted. According to the latest information, the majority of creditors voted in favor of accepting the presented proposals regarding the Beer, Vodka and Wine Manufaktura. The situation of Tenczynek Dystrybucja is different. However, the company representative declares that we still need to wait until all the votes are received. Only counting them will determine the future of companies.

It is worth noting that the brewing industry is facing numerous difficulties. This seems to be confirmed by the words of an expert – a representative of Kompania Piwowarska, who notes that this year is the most difficult for the industry. This is proven by specific cases, including: liquidation of the Leżajsk Brewery and Osowa Góra Brewery and ownership changes in the Cieszyn Castle Brewery.


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