Another consolidation in the dairy industry

Another consolidation in the dairy industry

OSM Czarnków is to merge with Mlekovita.

Two months ago, representatives of the District Dairy Cooperative (OSM) Czarnków admitted that the cooperative was struggling with serious financial problems. They saw their causes in a drastic increase in gas prices and a drop in the prices of dairy products. They also clearly indicated that without support, the functioning of the cooperative is at risk. However, a few days ago they informed that a decision had been made to merge with the Mlekovita dairy cooperative. It should be emphasized that the delegates participating in the vote were not unanimous. People who were in favor of merging the two cooperatives pointed out that the financial problems of OSM Czarnków would soon lead to its collapse. On the other hand, those opposed to consolidation emphasized that the Czarnków cooperative would be incorporated by a large dairy plant and would lose its greatest advantages, namely local products, which would be liquidated in favor of products manufactured by Mlekovita.

It is worth recalling that this is not the first consolidation that has taken place in the dairy industry in recent times. In March, the takeover of the dairy cooperative Jogo by Mlekpol and the lease of OSM Końskie by Grupa Polmlek were discussed.


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